"A Tradition has to have an institution to perpetuate it. Whether it's an institution that teaches or whether it's an institution that allows the tradition to survive or thrive - it needs a place to be nurtured, and that's Preservation Hall" - Walter Payton

"When all the ingredients of great music are there, it's a natural high - physically and spiritually. And when that happens, the people who are listening in the audience, they feel that. It's infectious...Music is so powerful it lifts people up, and when they are lifted up, you are lifted up." - Leroy Jones

"When you go there - and you walk through that door - and you see all the people there that are waiting for you to perform, it's a good feeling. Because you know that the music is still alive, still a treasure." - Mark Braud

"Anybody - any artist or person who experiences Preservation Hall - immediately knows that there is something very, very special here. That it's extremely unique. That's what I find amazing about Preservation Hall: somehow the right people always find it." - Ben Jaffe

  • Charlie Gabriel

    Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone & Vocals

    Born: July 11, 1932

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  • Ben Jaffe

    Tuba, String Bass, Banjo, Percussion & Backing Vocals

    Born: January 26, 1971

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  • Rickie Monie


    Born February 4, 1952

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  • Joseph Lastie, Jr.

    Drums & Backing Vocals

    Born: August 28, 1958

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  • Clint Maedgen

    Tenor / Baritone Saxophone & Vocals

    Born: August 15, 1969

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  • Freddie Lonzo

    Trombone & Vocals

    Born: August 26, 1950

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  • Mark Braud

    Trumpet & Backing Vocals

    Born: June 21, 1973

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  • Ronell Johnson

    Tuba, Piano & Vocals

    Born: September 23, 1976

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Date Venue Location Tickets
Apr 25, 2014 Preservation Hall New Orleans, LA United States
Apr 26, 2014 Double Decker Festival Oxford, MS United States
Apr 26, 2014 Preservation Hall New Orleans, LA United States